The Photo And The Voter

The Photo I.D. and The Senior Voter

The senior citizens are the one group being denied their right to vote. Why?  Simply because they have no photo I.D. to show before they vote.  Can you imagine the frustration that can take over?  They come to place their vote in this year’s election but they find out  they cannot vote.  They go home.

Dr. Martin Luther King led The Civil Rights struggle of the ’60s. He fought for the civil liberties and the right to vote.  In my hometown, The League of Voters led demonstrations and marches.   President Lyndon Johnson would sign the Voting Rights Bill; it became the Law of the land.

The Secretary of State requires that senior citizens produce a birth certificate  before they are given a photo I.D.  An Aunt of mine lived and died without her birth certificate.  She was 92 years old at her death.  Before my Aunt passed, the Federal Census Bureau mailed a letter to her stating they could find no proof of her  age on a census as a young child, only when she was an adult at eighteen years old; she on the 1930 Federal Census. Not even the census could be a source. My Aunt  was not listed on any Federal Census before 1930. So they wrote a letter to my aunt.  I still have a copy of that letter; the Census Bureau had no proof of her birth.  She asked me to help her.  No one had proof of her birth.

Senior citizens find the birth certificate most difficult to get.  You would think the Secretary of State knew that. Senior citizens CANNOT get a birth certificate. It’s not that they do not want it; they do.

Until the early 1900s, birth certificates were not required by many states; it was not a criteria required by all states. It did not matter whether you had one or not.  Senior citizens today are of that generation. The Family Bible is where their parents wrote their name and date they were born.  When these seniors were a baby or a child,  the church made a baptismal record of their name, date of birth and place of birth.   Also,  the Federal Census and  State Census are tools used where the Census taker made a recording of the name and age of all persons in a household; it includes the head of the household, the wife and all children.

Senior citizens do not have latitude for the first step.  They are in their 60s, 70s, 80s–100s. This is a “catch 22” scenario.  The Secretary of State requiring a certified certificate of a senior citizen.  Aren’t they aware that birth certificates did not exist back in the late 1800s and early 1900s?  “Horse and buggy” days.  There were no birth certificates.  Parents wrote your name and age down in the family Bible.  A family member would tell you orally your age as you grew up. You were not born in a hospital and under a doctor’s care.  Instead, a mid-wife took care of your birth.  The mid-wife would make a record of the child’s birth, but many times the records never made it to Vital Statistics.  The mid-wife did not turn the record  of the birth in for whatever reason. Fire destroyed birth records in many cases.  Again, no affirmative records of birth.  Thus, the senior citizen Cannot Vote because they have no State issued photo I.D. Wouldn’t you think this is voter suppression?


  1. Very true statements some of the same going on today love the story your bro.

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