Children and The Restaurant! #015

Children go to restaurants where adults frequent them the most. They disturb others by crying out loud; they may start making a mess with their food by playing with their food. They may even throw the food at each other, just a lot of kids’ play. Crying and hollering just like they do when they are at home. This will surely be disturbing to the other persons in the restaurant and cause them to leave. They will not come back.

I was watching the news about two months ago where a family was dining out and a child was sitting on a potty at the table in a restaurant. The parents of the child said they were training the child. I believe the parents were talking about even suing the restaurant because they would not allow this “potty training.” Well, I say this is pushing the limits! I have never heard of such in my life. What are the parents thinking about?

Children learn the potty at home, not in a restaurant at a table around others. Of course, the children do not know the where and when to do things; they learn the  proper place, where and when. Parents should have been discrete. The restaurant has to step in because it is unhealthy, unsanitary right out there in the open where everyone else is dining. There are health codes that the restaurants follow.   Just because you have a little “darling” you are potty training, you don’t do it just anywhere, especially at a restaurant. You would potty train the child at home, not in the public. You know what is going to happen. Everyone will get up, leave and never come back! Of course, I say,  “Don’t let children in a restaurant where the setting is adult-friendly.  Just get a babysitter!”

There are some places the little darlings just do not go. They do not go to your workplace, bars, and gambling casinos. In my town, the guards meet you at the door for your picture I.D. The guard will not let you in unless you are at least 21 years old. If you have children, you have to get a babysitter. Ever heard a baby or child crying loudly in a church just when the preacher is talking about something you wanted to hear? Sometimes the child will cry on and off while you are there in attendance. Some churches have babysitting care for children of their members while they are in attendance. Of course, the children can play and enjoy themselves in the nursery or with the babysitter. They can hear the minister and sing;  church activities enjoyed without interruption.

Enjoy yourself in a restaurant without the kids; let others enjoy their meal, too. Just like you would not take a child to a casino, you should not take your children to an adult-friendly restaurant.

Now, if the restaurant provides a section for children, that’s fine. I am all for that. In any case, I would not allow the potty training bit right at the table, not in the children section or adult section.  Potty train at home, never in a restaurant!

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