Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

All text for, "My Roses"

Remember the saying that something is or is not “like a bed of roses? Or a rose by any other name smells just as good”? My red roses are special to MY roses; my neighbors does also. My roses brought big smiles to my neighbors as I shared with them beautiful rose bouquets. My roses blossom in May each year; they will continue to blossom for at least a month. In the early mornings, I see my roses seem to blossom just for me. I don’t have a knack for gardening but I give them some love the best I can. I sprinkle them with water, not knowing just how much they really need.  It is okay because by day’s end, I have done the pruning.
I look and see what I have done in a year that stand out, blossom like my roses. Life is a bumpy road.  I  will give it my best and  I hope to come out smelling like a rose, my roses, that is. See, I look forward to my lovely roses. They will not let me down.
Take a look at my roses! I look for them religiously about the time I think they are going to blossom. I wake up each morning and out the door to My Roses. I anxiously await them to blossom. Wow! They are there the next morning, my bed of rolling roses! They will be here for a few weeks, about a month. Of course, I take my camera and snap many photos of them; I do this each year after they are in full bloom. They make my whole day! My roses are tops because no matter, my roses will bring out the best in you. You have no choice but to make a big smile! My roses are in abundance, so I share them with my relatives and neighbors. This one neighbor, I knew she had a knack for flowers. Well, a year later she has rolling roses, too. They are hanging on her fence just as mine were.

Thinking About Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street was a movement where persons addressed problems such as high interest loans and fraud in the mortgage,  housing industry, banking, and Wall Street matters. The Democratic Party had many protesters. It also served as a counter balance against the Tea Party.  This was a political arm of the Republican Party. The Tea had a political stronghold within the Republican Party. Of course, they elected persons who represented their beliefs.

Thus, the Occupy Wall Street  protesters would grow large in numbers. This was nationwide. However, some protesters lost their footings. They didn’t have a clue what the mission was, really, why they were there and what they were protesting. In New York, some demonstrators resorted to trashing the streets, fighting, even defecating in public. Of course, police made arrests.

For the most part, the Occupy Wall Street was successful in bringing attention to some problems of concern but the solutions are  yet to come. Hopefully, the politicians will give a listening ear.

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