Thinking About Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street was a movement where persons addressed problems such as high interest loans and fraud in the mortgage,  housing industry, banking, and Wall Street matters. The Democratic Party had many protesters. It also served as a counter balance against the Tea Party.  This was a political arm of the Republican Party. The Tea had a political stronghold within the Republican Party. Of course, they elected persons who represented their beliefs.

Thus, the Occupy Wall Street  protesters would grow large in numbers. This was nationwide. However, some protesters lost their footings. They didn’t have a clue what the mission was, really, why they were there and what they were protesting. In New York, some demonstrators resorted to trashing the streets, fighting, even defecating in public. Of course, police made arrests.

For the most part, the Occupy Wall Street was successful in bringing attention to some problems of concern but the solutions are  yet to come. Hopefully, the politicians will give a listening ear.

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