Daddy, Don’t Go! Don’t Leave Me!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

All text for, "My Roses"

Remember the saying that something is or is not “like a bed of roses? Or a rose by any other name smells just as good”? My red roses are special to MY roses; my neighbors does also. My roses brought big smiles to my neighbors as I shared with them beautiful rose bouquets. My roses blossom in May each year; they will continue to blossom for at least a month. In the early mornings, I see my roses seem to blossom just for me. I don’t have a knack for gardening but I give them some love the best I can. I sprinkle them with water, not knowing just how much they really need.  It is okay because by day’s end, I have done the pruning.
I look and see what I have done in a year that stand out, blossom like my roses. Life is a bumpy road.  I  will give it my best and  I hope to come out smelling like a rose, my roses, that is. See, I look forward to my lovely roses. They will not let me down.
Take a look at my roses! I look for them religiously about the time I think they are going to blossom. I wake up each morning and out the door to My Roses. I anxiously await them to blossom. Wow! They are there the next morning, my bed of rolling roses! They will be here for a few weeks, about a month. Of course, I take my camera and snap many photos of them; I do this each year after they are in full bloom. They make my whole day! My roses are tops because no matter, my roses will bring out the best in you. You have no choice but to make a big smile! My roses are in abundance, so I share them with my relatives and neighbors. This one neighbor, I knew she had a knack for flowers. Well, a year later she has rolling roses, too. They are hanging on her fence just as mine were.

I Thee Wed, 4 January 1870

Because Of You, I Am

Shelby Buchanan married Mary Payton, 4 January 1870, over 130 years ago. They lived on a plantation in West  Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.  My great great grandparent’s marriage license means so much to me!  This  memorabilia would verify several things that I was unsure about.  I will cherish it forever.  I can now verify this  connection on this side of my family, the maternal side.
As a young child I was raised in Washington Parish, Louisiana.  I knew nothing about West Feliciana Parish.   There were no oral stories passed down  to me.  Possibly, no one knew any.  My Mother could not answer questions I asked her.  She said when she was a child growing up and if grownups were talking, kids had to leave  the room; they were not allowed to join in conversations with them.  Apparently, her mother did not  tell her   much about her ancestors, specifically, her great grandparents.
However, my mother remembered some things, though; that her maternal grandparents  Winnie
Buchanan married to Ike Washington; she was born in Adams County, Mississippi.  Grandpa Ike was born in Bayou Sara, Louisiana. When she was a  young child about four years old, her mother traveled to Zachary, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.
She would meet family members that she would never visit again.  Not even as an adult. Why, we don’t really know.  It was not a priority.  I would think  she  never made a return visit  because her mother lived a long distance,  married and was raising her own family.  Perhaps, she knew nothing else to
tell her. Image

The  “Bond” certificate was enclosed with   the marriage certificate. My grandpa, Shelby Buchanan,  paid a bond of  $100 to marry my grandma, Mary Payton. He marked an “X” in the space his name was written apparently by the Clerk of the Court.  James Payton was the co-signer.  An “X” was Imagemarked by his name, too.  James Payton was a sibling of my grandma.

My roots are from the general locale where they got married; that my great great grandfather was a “freeman (Col)”; that my grandmother was a “free woman (Col).” For they both were former slaves now free.  My grandpa was born about 1845 in Mississippi; my grandma was born about 1847 in Louisiana. They were  born  before slavery was abolished, **Too, they could not write; they marked an “X” in the signature space. This instilled  a sense of pride in me.  I can now share this piece of memorabilia with members of my family.

Thinking About Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street was a movement where persons addressed problems such as high interest loans and fraud in the mortgage,  housing industry, banking, and Wall Street matters. The Democratic Party had many protesters. It also served as a counter balance against the Tea Party.  This was a political arm of the Republican Party. The Tea had a political stronghold within the Republican Party. Of course, they elected persons who represented their beliefs.

Thus, the Occupy Wall Street  protesters would grow large in numbers. This was nationwide. However, some protesters lost their footings. They didn’t have a clue what the mission was, really, why they were there and what they were protesting. In New York, some demonstrators resorted to trashing the streets, fighting, even defecating in public. Of course, police made arrests.

For the most part, the Occupy Wall Street was successful in bringing attention to some problems of concern but the solutions are  yet to come. Hopefully, the politicians will give a listening ear.

A Special Birthday After 36 Years!

A Special Happy Birthday
I just want to let you know that you will always hold a special place in my heart.  For I will  never  catch up with the 36 years that we were not together.  However, I  will forever be grateful  that you are part of my life  to the very end of time.  We can appreciate each other to the fullest.  I will  never run out of hugs and kisses for you.  
I don’t want to remind you but I have to say something about  the strong love and bonding  I had for you when you were  a baby until  when you were  separated from us, your birth family.  I never waivered in my love for you. Thge  bonding remained cohesive all through the years.   I was ten years old at the time you were taken from us,   never to be heard  from again until you were 39 years old!  Let’s see.  That is 36 years later.
Many times my imaginations went wild. I wondered what happened to you.  I  would visualize you maybe working hard labor  as a sharecropper on a plantatio;  you could be residing in a concentration camp.  Either of the two places were possible since  the State we were  from  had many plantations.  As for the latter,  I would hear about  the existence of concentration camps.  I was disturbed by the thought so much  that way back when,  I dreamed you were in a concentration camp.   To experience such a void  in my life from the loss of you over the years is unexplainable. It is not easier understood even now in my adult years.  It is the same effect when I was young, ten years old.  At that time,  I thought as a young child and I often wondered, “Why would anyone take my little sister away to never be seen again?  What’s more, why would they take my brautiful sister away who was just like a live baby doll?  I could never understand that.  
As I grew older, I was driven by the love that kept me  bonded to my  lil’ sister.  I would set out  to search for you while I was still in high school, right into the early ’70s to 1995.  Nothing would cause me to waiver in these  long years of searching for you.  I had nothing to identify you with, no photo, no name, no Social Security number, no birth certificate.  Despite the many challenges and set-backs,  the Most Divine and Almighty God put his blessings forth and made it possible for us to  unite once again!  That reunion was on your birthday,  the 16th of September 1995.  What a day to remember!

All For Money

I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out,  pointing  to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was I replaced the real money with fake bills.   Our safe has real legal tender as well as bags of fake money.  It is in there for such an occurrence as this, a robbery.  I was afraid and trembling.   However, I knew I had to keep myself together. I had to save myself and  the other hostages.

I was his choice hostage.  As his eyes focused on me,   I told him I knew the combination to the safe in the back room.  At that point, he rushed me to the safe.  He was still pointing to the door with the gun; the other hostages  dared  not to move. There were five of them frozen in their footsteps.
If there was anything I could do to stop the worst from happening, I  was all for it, ready to take my chances. So I handed him five bags of money. He turned and ran out the door.  Then I called the  police; they caught up with him and arrested him.  He may have turned  the gun on all of us had he not gotten the “money,” the fake money,  that is.

“Did it really  happen?”  Some were breaking down in tears to find out I am a survivor of such a robbery, such an ordeal.  That’s the scenario several classmates and I opted for in a high school play, “All For Money.”

The Neighborhood Where I Live

There’s something about my neighborhood that I have grown  to love over the years.  It’s been about 22 years I have lived here.  There’s the Detroit River and its beauty,  the serenity and, of course, the hustle and  bustle.   I enjoy riding the large boats, like,  the Princess and Diamond Jack.  Whenever they travel down the River,  I can  see the area where I live  very clearly.  I enjoy watching  the  boats, ships, water jet skiers,   and the fishermen in  boats;  oh, I   don’t want to forget the fishermen  along the banks of the Detroit River. After a good  catch or two,  it’s time for the fish fry That can take place at the neighborhood park parallel to the River.  No one can forget the boat racing that takes place each year; and the planes that fly overhead as the boats race up and down the River.  Too, the 4th of July fireworks can be seen  from my neighborhood. Each year many families come to claim a spot at the park.  Some families  arrive early  and they barbecue, have a fun cookout until the fireworks  began. Then just look at the  fireworks as they shower the sky with glowing colors.
As for the hustle and bustle of the River,  there are the tug boats carrying large cargo.  Once I was surprised to see the tug boats carrying large train box cars.    From my home, I can look  across the river and see  the shoreline of Windsor, Canada.  Also, there are beautiful peacocks that take a stroll  and grace us with beauty by spreading their colorful   feathers and prancing.
Besides  domestic  dogs and cats, there are  the rabbits,  many squirrel.  I have seen white and brown rabbits  in my neighborhood.  As for  the squirrels, the y are brown, black and gray squirrels who are here.   I call the latter, our “tightrope” walkers and runners.  I can look out my front door  overhead and see the squirrels doing their great balancing act,  running across the telephone  and cable wires.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention this gray squirrel who visited  us each day.  He would come on our front porch  and wait for  me or some one to come to the door.  Of course, we would offer him some treats, nuts and pecans.   And if he did not see our car parked out front, he would wait until we returned home. As I  stepped out of my car, that’s when he would come up to me. He became one of my favorite squirrels and I started calling him “Smokey.”
Most of the yards  in my  ‘hood  are well-manicured.  The flowers  and plants are   beautiful;  landscaping is on point.    Some of the yards would win first place if a contest were held today.  Recently, with camera in hand, I  took  a snapshot  or two of the most picturesque  yards or, at least where the  flowers and plants really stand out.   Also, I  snap a few shots when I visit the closest suburb  to me  which is less than a two-minute drive. The yards there are different in that many of them are much larger than the ones in my neighborhood.  So the landscape of flowers and plants must be sculptured  for the home magazines!   Of course,  the Detroit River  is  flowing in the background and gives even more beauty to the landscape.
Then there are the birds, many varieties  and colors.   I see them afar and before I know it, the birds fly closer to me and they bring a song with them.  They seem   to  assure me that we are going to have a beautiful sun shiny  day. As the birds fly closer  around me,  some walking near my feet, I feed them some bird feed.
There are the people in my neighborhood who are  of all ages,  ethnic and racial backgrounds.  The people here are great. They go to church  on Sunday and they work the rest of the week.  They have busy lives.   There is a minimum of traffic on my street and at night I can only hear the chirping from the crickets and frogs.  No cars coming and going on my street and that lends for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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