Daddy, Don’t Go! Don’t Leave Me!

Daddy, Please Don’t Leave Me!

Daddy, I think about you often.  I am still in mama’s tummy and at the brink of coming to the world, being born. You will not lose me due to a miscarriage, still birth or anything like that. You will not have to experience that loss with me. You are a veteran and just now returning home. Mother is pregnant with me and she’s due any day, now. I can hear the exchange of words between you and Mother. I hear you yelling at each other. I am not sure what the yelling is all about. Mama is crying and, of course, I am trembling, squirming and yelling out loud, “Daddy, don’t go. Please, don’t leave me.” Apparently, you could not hear me; Mama had me in the comfort of her tummy. I was hoping that you would come just once to rub Mama’s stomach; I would have felt your love, the bonding right then and there.

I tried to understand what was going on between the two of them. I realize now just why Mother was crying. She is pregnant with me and “you” are asking mom for a divorce. Why, now? You lost two children due to miscarriage and still birth.  Mother is pleading with you not to leave her. Of course, I am moving and squirming in Mama’s tummy. Again, I am yelling to you , “Daddy, don’t go; please, don’t leave me!” So what? You two have differences but, please, don’t go. I would never experience your touch, no bonding.

Was I suppose to call out for you after I was born? Well, I did. I don’t know why because you were not here.   You were long gone. I still called out to you, “Daddy, please, don’t go. Don’t leave me.” I did not know what to do or what the future held for me and mama. I was in for a rude awakening. I would still call for daddy even though he was not here. We both loved daddy and wished he was home with us.

Mother and  I went to church.  It was a small church in our community. Two men approached my mother as we left the church.  She held me tightly in her arms. The men were asking her questions and pulling her into a car. Mother was forcibly taken and so was I. Whatever was happening, the one kidnapper said to the other one, “ Let’s take her off to the woods!” meaning, Mother. They were going to hurt her. I cried out through my tears,“Daddy, please come back.”  The kidnappers for some unexplainable reason, let us go unharmed.


  1. Edna Earl Phillips says:

    Hi Berneda,

    So far in reading on your site it is very interesting and informative. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

  2. Big Bro says:

    Very good story somewhat sad but also reality

  3. Sis, that was a great story. It was such a touching story too,can”t wait for your next one!!!

  4. Pamela Paul says:

    This a very touching and beautiful story. It is wonderfully written. I love the perspective view of the unborn child. It defInItely shows that as parents we have such a tremendous Impact In our chIldrens lIves long before they set foot on thIs earth. We hardly ever take the opportunity now days to stop and think of things through our childrens eyes whether they be unborn or living.

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