Not Now But Later

All too often  when I procrastinate,  my favorite way is in the form of a soliloquy.  The soliloquy is  loud or almost quietly done.  I prefer the latter.  I am fully the culprit.  I cannot spread the blame around. This way I can nag myself over and over until I am out of  excuses. If it was any other way, I could place  my failure to follow through on someone else;  I  cannot.  Of course,  I find out I should not have made these many excuses.
For my minute worth of excuses  turned  into an hour, a day,  a month, even years of procrastination.  Only I am the culprit because I shrouded myself in my soliloquy, my comfort zone. I  could  hide myself more easily.  I did not have to search for reasons to give anybody else, only myself.   I will do it tomorrow, I’d tell  myself but “tomorrow” never gets here.    Perhaps, If I shared  my goals  with someone else, I will pursue  them with preciseness.
Procrastination?  I spoke to myself and I did it my way,  my favorite way.  Only I am aware of the soliloquy I repeat.  My thoughts were driving me crazy! I couldn’t sleep!  I was   thinking about what I should do today, tomorrow,  and  days ahead.


  1. Keep moving ahead never look back do what you can today tomorow wii take care of itself love jr.

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