A Special Birthday After 36 Years!

A Special Happy Birthday
I just want to let you know that you will always hold a special place in my heart.  For I will  never  catch up with the 36 years that we were not together.  However, I  will forever be grateful  that you are part of my life  to the very end of time.  We can appreciate each other to the fullest.  I will  never run out of hugs and kisses for you.  
I don’t want to remind you but I have to say something about  the strong love and bonding  I had for you when you were  a baby until  when you were  separated from us, your birth family.  I never waivered in my love for you. Thge  bonding remained cohesive all through the years.   I was ten years old at the time you were taken from us,   never to be heard  from again until you were 39 years old!  Let’s see.  That is 36 years later.
Many times my imaginations went wild. I wondered what happened to you.  I  would visualize you maybe working hard labor  as a sharecropper on a plantatio;  you could be residing in a concentration camp.  Either of the two places were possible since  the State we were  from  had many plantations.  As for the latter,  I would hear about  the existence of concentration camps.  I was disturbed by the thought so much  that way back when,  I dreamed you were in a concentration camp.   To experience such a void  in my life from the loss of you over the years is unexplainable. It is not easier understood even now in my adult years.  It is the same effect when I was young, ten years old.  At that time,  I thought as a young child and I often wondered, “Why would anyone take my little sister away to never be seen again?  What’s more, why would they take my brautiful sister away who was just like a live baby doll?  I could never understand that.  
As I grew older, I was driven by the love that kept me  bonded to my  lil’ sister.  I would set out  to search for you while I was still in high school, right into the early ’70s to 1995.  Nothing would cause me to waiver in these  long years of searching for you.  I had nothing to identify you with, no photo, no name, no Social Security number, no birth certificate.  Despite the many challenges and set-backs,  the Most Divine and Almighty God put his blessings forth and made it possible for us to  unite once again!  That reunion was on your birthday,  the 16th of September 1995.  What a day to remember!


  1. Harrison & Mary says:

    That was such a nice birthday message, I would call it “a walk back in time”,now we’re in the present, Thank You Lord for such a wonderful “Blessing”.

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