The Neighborhood Where I Live

There’s something about my neighborhood that I have grown  to love over the years.  It’s been about 22 years I have lived here.  There’s the Detroit River and its beauty,  the serenity and, of course, the hustle and  bustle.   I enjoy riding the large boats, like,  the Princess and Diamond Jack.  Whenever they travel down the River,  I can  see the area where I live  very clearly.  I enjoy watching  the  boats, ships, water jet skiers,   and the fishermen in  boats;  oh, I   don’t want to forget the fishermen  along the banks of the Detroit River. After a good  catch or two,  it’s time for the fish fry That can take place at the neighborhood park parallel to the River.  No one can forget the boat racing that takes place each year; and the planes that fly overhead as the boats race up and down the River.  Too, the 4th of July fireworks can be seen  from my neighborhood. Each year many families come to claim a spot at the park.  Some families  arrive early  and they barbecue, have a fun cookout until the fireworks  began. Then just look at the  fireworks as they shower the sky with glowing colors.
As for the hustle and bustle of the River,  there are the tug boats carrying large cargo.  Once I was surprised to see the tug boats carrying large train box cars.    From my home, I can look  across the river and see  the shoreline of Windsor, Canada.  Also, there are beautiful peacocks that take a stroll  and grace us with beauty by spreading their colorful   feathers and prancing.
Besides  domestic  dogs and cats, there are  the rabbits,  many squirrel.  I have seen white and brown rabbits  in my neighborhood.  As for  the squirrels, the y are brown, black and gray squirrels who are here.   I call the latter, our “tightrope” walkers and runners.  I can look out my front door  overhead and see the squirrels doing their great balancing act,  running across the telephone  and cable wires.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention this gray squirrel who visited  us each day.  He would come on our front porch  and wait for  me or some one to come to the door.  Of course, we would offer him some treats, nuts and pecans.   And if he did not see our car parked out front, he would wait until we returned home. As I  stepped out of my car, that’s when he would come up to me. He became one of my favorite squirrels and I started calling him “Smokey.”
Most of the yards  in my  ‘hood  are well-manicured.  The flowers  and plants are   beautiful;  landscaping is on point.    Some of the yards would win first place if a contest were held today.  Recently, with camera in hand, I  took  a snapshot  or two of the most picturesque  yards or, at least where the  flowers and plants really stand out.   Also, I  snap a few shots when I visit the closest suburb  to me  which is less than a two-minute drive. The yards there are different in that many of them are much larger than the ones in my neighborhood.  So the landscape of flowers and plants must be sculptured  for the home magazines!   Of course,  the Detroit River  is  flowing in the background and gives even more beauty to the landscape.
Then there are the birds, many varieties  and colors.   I see them afar and before I know it, the birds fly closer to me and they bring a song with them.  They seem   to  assure me that we are going to have a beautiful sun shiny  day. As the birds fly closer  around me,  some walking near my feet, I feed them some bird feed.
There are the people in my neighborhood who are  of all ages,  ethnic and racial backgrounds.  The people here are great. They go to church  on Sunday and they work the rest of the week.  They have busy lives.   There is a minimum of traffic on my street and at night I can only hear the chirping from the crickets and frogs.  No cars coming and going on my street and that lends for a peaceful night’s sleep.


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